Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Carolina Panthers Announce Stadium Upgrades Following 2014 NFL Playoffs

The Carolina Panthers are set to host the San Francisco 49ers in one of two NFC divisional playoff games this weekend.

However, the Panthers had some exciting non-game related news to announce on Tuesday morning.

Beginning in just two weeks, upgrade construction will begin on Carolina's Bank of America Stadium.

The Panthers plan to upgrade the stadium in three phases over the course of the next three years.

The first round of updates will include installing a pair of 63' tall x 212' long high-def video boards at the top of the stadium behind each end zone, a 360 degree, 5' tall video ribbon going around the entire stadium, upgraded escalators, and a fancy new sound system, along with other upgrades.

A shot of the ribbon boards and end zone high-def video board. When did they stop calling these JumboTrons?

Check out the Carolina Panthers' Twitter page for more details on the upcoming upgrades.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Carolina Panthers in Midst of a Midseason Run

The Carolina Panthers will lose again this season, but don't tell that to Cam Newton & Company in the midst of a four-game winning streak.

Carolina, 5-3, is solidly in the NFC Playoffs hunt midway through the season, along with NFC North 5-3's Chicago, Detroit and Green Bay.

The Panthers' immediate challenge is catching up with the NFC West's second-place San Francisco 49ers who, at 6-2, are currently leading the NFC Wild Card race.

Carolina will have the chance to do just that this weekend when they head out West for a 4:05PM (ET) showdown.

Check out this link to a recent article I wrote for Bleacher Report predicting the Panthers' successful four-game stretch:


Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Controversy Surrounding the Washington Redskins Name

 The history of the Washington Redskins goes back to the days before the NFL-AFL merger.  On the surface, many fans would hold the team in the same regard as Green Bay, Chicago and the New York Giants.  While Washington has a heritage and tradition that rivals any of the aforementioned franchises, there is one they hold that no other team does: a controversial nickname.

However, is the name Redskins really that offensive? 

Consider the fact there are several teams throughout major sports and college who carry a Native American moniker.  If Washington were to make a name change, who's to say the same would be expected of the Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians or Chicago Blackhawks? 

All of these teams maintain their names either based on honoring the legacy of the Native Americans or the simple fact that owners do not want to break from tradition.  The Redskins seem to fall in the latter category.  It has become such a hot button topic as of late that some reporters are refusing to use the term "Redskins".  Additionally, a symposium was recently held at the Smithsonian Institute discussing the insensitivity of the Washington name. 

It is safe to say that many people and especially the Washington fans are split on the subject; those who feel the name is offensive and those who haven't really given the issue much thought.  For now, it seems that the powers that be in Washington are standing firm with keeping their name.

From one perspective, if the name is really that offensive, why hasn't the Native Americans petitioned a lawsuit against the team?  Are they offended by the Redskins name or do they consider it an honor to be represented by a major sports franchise? 

This could be a touchy subject for years to come and one that could change the foundation of other teams around the country.  If the Redskins are forced to change their name, what will it mean for those other teams with Native American names and logos?